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The rainy season is pretty much upon us and this year the rains have seemed pretty much more frequent and heavy than it has been in a while. Although we love the cool atmosphere, the rains have altered a couple of day-to-day activities but not to worry, the sun will be out again soon enough.
While enjoying the weather, let us not forget to take better care of ourselves this season to avoid being affected by it. Although these are probably tips relevant to everyday living. I thought I should bring them up again because it is pretty much very important to survive through this season more especially.

Here are some enlightening tips to help you cope through the rains without any challenges

  • Get some Vitamin D supplements- The sun is our major source of Vitamin D and since we are getting lesser of it this season. It would be nice to have supplements to make up for it.
  • Exercise to flex bones, muscles and joints- It is pretty important to engage in activities and light workouts to keep the heart healthy and warm up the body system during this season as the cold may make the body feel stiffened and weak.
  • Get enough rest- Get as much rest as you can to reduce coming up with hangovers because this season may also make you fall tired more easily.
  • Hot showers- These are also very important as they help loosen up the body muscles and help regulate the body temperature too.
  • Pre plan outfits to avoid running late- There are chances you may wake up late, or get held back by the rain if you don’t set out early enough, so it is important to pre plan outfits. Also you want to be sure to select outfits that can keep you warm.
  • Keep umbrellas and raincoats handy- Do not be caught by surprise, if a downpour suddenly starts when you are out. This is a good time to have a hand umbrella or raincoat packed in your everyday bag.
  • You may want to switch to thicker curtains- Would you like your space to feel a bit more warm and cozy than the outside?, now is probably a good time to consider putting up thick curtains to keep the house warmer. You can wash your lighter curtains and store for when the weather gets warmer.
  • Keep socks handy- The rainy season is also a good time to keep your feet warm, to avoid getting a cold or even cracked feet. Keeping your socks within arm’s reach makes it easier to put them on when you need to. Socks are really great for this season.
  • Moisturise- This can not be stressed enough but is very important to moisturise this season. It will help prevent your skin from getting dry and cracked as well as also keep you glowing, be sure not to forget your feet.
  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables- These are probably the best sources of vitamins right now, especially fruits rich in vitamin C. Vitamins help is boost our overall immune system and fight against germs and infections. Vitamin C especially also helps treat and prevent the body from flu and other possible illnesses.
  • Use weather forecast- If you have not been following weather forecasts, you may want to consider it now. Although it may not be a hundred percent accurate all the time. You can decide whether or not to suspend an outing especially if it is something you can reschedule if there are higher chances of a stormy weather or rainfall.
  • Keep warmer outfits close to reach in closet/wardrobe- You may also want to reorder your wardrobe to keep the warmer outfits within reach. This may be quite a task but it is very important and it also makes it easier to have something warm on at all times especially when you have to pick your outfits in a rush
  • Sweaters and jackets- If you don’t already have your go-to Sweaters ,Jackets or Hoodies, Now is probably the best time to get some and flex them before the weather switches again. Christmas sweaters are also welcome.
  • Stock up on food- One of the more frustrating experiences in the rainy season is the inability to go out just whenever and this is usually the time when you easily run out of food too. You are probably consuming more food than you would any other day and that is because the body needs more energy gotten from more food to keep warm. So to avoid being stuck in the house with limited options of what to eat, you may want to stock up whenever you get the chance to go out. 
  • Music motivation- Music may serve as a stress relief but a lot of times music is also all the motivation you need to be more productive, so when you feel under the weather, be sure to update your playlists and have some music on for motivation, you would be amazed at how effective it can be. 
  • Do your laundry more often- Laundry will definitely take longer times to dry this season especially for people who do not use dryers. Also the rains may hinder you from getting to the laundromat at the time of your choice so you do not want to stock up laundry now. Do your laundry as often as you get the chance to, to avoid having a stockpile of dirty clothes.
  • Beverages, tea, oats, cornmeal, flakes, custard have them and serve hot- To get the bet results from your foods especially beverages you may want to take them at a warmer temperature than you normally do, so you can get some of that heat in your system. Also you can keep a flask around to store your beverages so you can always have it hot or warm but not scorching hot, It is advisable to cut back on cold or chilly foods during this time.
  • Keep feet and hands warm- It is also important to keep the feet and hands warm at all times especially for the little ones, warmer hands and feet prevent the cold from getting into the body system.
  • Don’t expose your chest and ears- This is also a good time to keep the chest covered at all times to prevent coming down with a cold. If you can, cover your ears too, head warmers do a great job of keeping the heads and ears covered properly.
  • Keep Foot Mats- There is probably more mud sticking on to shoes now and this may make more of a mess if it gets inside. keeping foot mats help clean up the feet before you step in so you do not take the mud and wetness inside with your feet.

I do hope we all have an enjoyable rainy season and would appreciate your contributions in the comments section. Have an Amazing season and Stay Safe.

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