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Some days ago people were actually arguing on how much is sufficient to last an average adult for a month in a city like Lagos as monthly income. While some people argued that 30000 (Thirty Thousand) Naira was okay to be managed for a month, if a person is being prudent with their spending, some people also argued that even for as far as a hundred thousand a month survival is still not enjoyable especially in a city like Lagos.

Some people explained that if they do not need to pay rent and school fees or pay for feeding and transportation they could conveniently live on a 30000 (Thirty Thousand) Naira income, and some people also argued that even if you don’t have to pay rent or probably you’re squatting with a friend and you manage your spendings on feeding and other bills 30000 (Thirty Thousand) Naira would definitely not last for a month anywhere.

I’m my opinion, Living comfortably as well as having some savings may cost you more than 30000 (Thirty Thousand) Naira a month especially if you have bills and financial obligations. Unfortunately due to the high level of poverty and unemployment in the country, we have people who have no choice than to manage with any amount they can afford to earn monthly, but under normal circumstances I feel the average Nigerian would definitely like to earn a higher income to afford a better lifestyle.
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