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27th February 2020 was the day the first COVID19 case was discovered in Lagos Nigeria, and since then there has been a noticeable increase in the number of new cases confirmed daily across almost every state in the country, as at today, Nigeria currently has over 3,900 (Three thousand Nine hundred) confirmed cases of persons infected with the Corona Virus as well as over 670 (Six hundred and Seventy) total recoveries and a little over 100 (a Hundred) deaths.

The Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) has been on alert and on ground to tackle the deadly virus as well as their their strong team of professional doctors.The NCDC as well as essential workers especially in the health sector have been on frontline duty combatting the virus across the country with the support of the Nigerian federal government as well as notable individuals across the country.

However the cases which were initially increasing in Tens of numbers daily have now been noticeably increasing in Hundreds of numbers daily with Lagos alone recording over a Hundred cases on most days. This is not the worst we have seen of the virus on a global scale, but Nigerians are definitely not satisfied with the geometric increase in the number of COVID19 cases confirmed daily. Most people who can afford to, had to continue their self-quarantine and kept staying indoor out of fear of being contaminated with virus as well as the fear of a possible or pretty much certain increase in infected people owing to the lifting of the 5 (Five) week long lockdown . As much as people would have loved for the lockdown to go on till the Corona Virus is totally subdued. A large number of Nigerians depend fully on daily hustle and daily income hence were  financially destabilised throughout the lockdown period, also a lot of businesses were crippled and most people could not actually work from home and some even lost their jobs. Amidst all of these there was no form of palliative or aids from the government, I would have loved to say there was little palliative by the government but then a cup of Rice or a tiny Loaf of Bread for an entire Apartment to feed on for 5 weeks doesn’t quite cut it for me.

Now the issue is, some people are of the opinion that the number of confirmed COVID19 cases as well as deaths published by the NCDC daily are quite overstated and their reasons are that; there is no transparency as to how the cases are being handled, people want to know who the infected persons are, how they were diagnosed and picked up, if they are being treated for free as well as data on the recovered persons and deaths. Also people are aware that donations running into Billions of Dollars as well as equipment have been made towards the COVID19 cause and they are curious as to how these funds are being disbursed, a lot of people also have great distrust in the government and are insinuating that COVID19 is being used as a smokescreen by the government to perpetuate financial crimes and embezzlement of public funds.

Another set of people however are of the opinion that the number of COVID19 cases more especially the deaths are being understated as there hasn’t been any exact cure yet and they are quite curious as to how the NCDC is handling treatments. Also there have been reports of people who claimed to have contacted the NCDC for suspected COVID19 cases and they did not get a response till the suspected cases resulted in deaths and these deaths were not diagnosed or recorded by the NCDC. Also there have been reports of people who were in denial till the cases  became worse, some of them had their samples taken by the NCDC for testing and their test results never came back till they passed on. In all of this, people are beginning to insinuate that the NCDC is being preferential in their attention to cases.

Finally, we have another set of people who simply believe that there is no Corona Virus in Nigeria and it is all an agenda to raise funds and loot by the government. Well, Nigeria is a densely populated country so we all definitely cannot agree to the same thing on most occasions, but one thing we can agree on is that we do not have trustworthy or selfless leaders.

The NCDC however, also stated on some occasions that it is hard to keep up with the number of complaints they get daily and that a lot of the calls they get are quite provocative and sometimes prank calls. Let’s stop with the prank calling guys!

I would like to know what your thoughts are on the COVID19 situation in the country, as well as if you think Nigeria is doing enough to combat the virus so please drop your feedback in the comments.


However do not forget to observe the laid down safety precautions;

  • Wash your hands and sanitize regularly.
  • Avoid crowds and large gatherings.
  • Stay indoors if you can and if you must go out please use a facemask and gloves.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • And in case of symptoms or suspected cases, get in touch with the NCDC via their toll-free lines immediately.

For more info and details, check out the official website of the NCDC at


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  1. Nice work keep the good work going.

    Just a few comments

    What we get from experts in the field on prevention of Corona virus is to stay at home, ensure social distancing and the rest. On this note I still don’t know how Lagos as one of the most populated states in Nigeria justifies the fact that they’ve eased the lockdown; if we look at the statistical figures of the amount of cases Lagos had before it went on two weeks lockdown, and the amount of cases it had upon easing the lock down it doesn’t add up but Inherently what we get from the government is that people need to transact so the economy doesn’t crumble in terms of the financial implications. But ultimately it is the duty of the government to protect the lives of individuals within its state, which the decision doesn’t agree with because since the lockdown has been eased in Lagos the Amount of COVID-19 cases has drastically increased and if this is so, Death rate will also increase.

    As to the NCDC I think they need to be much more transparent. Another issue with the NCDC is if what they tell us is that currently the amount of cases in Nigeria is reaching 4,000 and they tell us they’ve tested Less than 50,000 Nigerians out of about 180 million Nigerians, I really don’t know what they expect the general public to think. All

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