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“I turned down an offer to sell 51% of my company for 7500 pounds” – READ UP FULL DETAILS OF OUR EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH THE FOUNDER OF NEEDMYSERVICE.COM MR TOBI AZEEZ

Need My Service is one of Nigeria’s foremost business listing platforms for service providers, businesses as well as entrepreneurs. In this interview we had a little chat with the founder Mr Tobi Azeez and he takes us through his journey as well as plans for the brand. Kindly read through for juicy details.

AM- What is your name?

TOBI- My name is Azeez Tobi

AM- Tell us a little bit about yourself.

TOBI- I am a graduate of the Federal University of Technology, Akure. A very charismatic and pragmatic somebody. I joke a whole lot and spend most of my free time either watching movies, playing game or reading motivational books.

AM- When and why did you decide to be an entrepreneur?

TOBI- While I was in school, I got a job with Cyborg Nigeria Limited during my 500 level year(2012), up until then, I’ve always looked at life the linear way, but my Boss Mr Toibudeen Oduniyi changed my perspective.I would say, he made me the entrepreneur I am today. Working with him made me value helping people out the simpler and smarter way.

AM- Nice, How did you start up?

TOBI- I met with some friends and told them about the idea of having an entrepreneur hub and they all liked it. Then Bimbo came up with the name “NeedMyService”

Okechukwu Victor paid for the domain name and hosting, and I developed the website. Victor also helped with the directory upload when it was getting too much for me. We started small, by adding just our family and friends to the platform.

AM- What has been your biggest challenge and how are you scaling through them?

TOBI- The Nigerian stereotype that if its free, its dangerous. Convincing people to come on the platform was a bit of a challenge. The number 1 question was always, whats in it for me, but after being featured on a couple of popular news platforms, people started coming in themselves.

AM- Great, so far, can you tell us the best moment you have had in your career?

TOBI- I have had quite some amazing moments but I will list out a few which actually stood out. First was, Turning down the offer to sell 51% of the business for 7,500 pounds. Also, Receiving a call from World bank to partner with them on a project in Kaduna and also being listed among top100 Smes in Nigeria

AM- Wow, thats pretty Amazing, How would you rate the response to your business from family friends and the society at large?

TOBI- Family and friends have been the bedrock of Needmyservice. Sometimes I am not always active but they would still call me and say Tobi, someone I recommended needmyservice to has uploaded his business, please verify and accept his business listing. The society too, most especially Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter community. Someone from the whatsapp community voluntarily paid for the hosting plan back in 2018. Generally, Needmyservice has received positive criticism and praises.

AM- What factors do you think will most likely help to boost a better performance of your business if set in place?

TOBI- Enlightenment and Orientation. A lot of entrepreneurs sees business as just a money making venture not a way of life. This needs to change. Improve your values/business and watch the money flow in Naturally.

AM- Cool, Where do you see your brand in 10 years and what tools are you setting in place to make it work?

TOBI- Well, not to be overly ambitious, we know how things work in Nigeria. I will say we should be partnering with Microfinance companies and private companies on how to establish an almost Zero interest loans with entrepreneurs soon enough.

AM- What has been your biggest achievement, mistake and motivation?

TOBI- Biggest achievement with Needmyservice was hosting a training with just one month preparation back in December 2018 and over 28people registered. Still dey burst my brain.

Biggest Mistake with Needmyservice was an email I didn’t reply to early enough. An angel investor. Still haunts me till date.

Biggest Motivation is seeing people recommending Needmyservice voluntarily

AM- Who would you say is your role model and why?

TOBI- Mr Toibudeen Oduniyi. He’s a completely modest person and versatile.

AM- Any last words for people out there?

TOBI- In Jay-z’ words; The genius thing we did was, we never gave up…Please keep on doing the hardwork and give your 100% everytime too.

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