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Ultraphyne Crochet is a Hair brand and a Mobile Salon, that is focused on producing quality and Unique Crochet hairs, along with providing professional Home Services for the Modern Day Fashionable Woman. Our crochet hairs come in a wide range of styles from braids, twists to Faux Locs. We also deal mainly in producing crochet hair in different colors and lengths that are quite rare. We also cater to our Customers’ personal taste by making custom orders on request.

Ultraphyne Crochets started in December 2019.
One of our founders discovered crochet hair and became addicted to it. In a span of three years, She wore only crochet hairs, to her, it was a marvel to the African Woman.

Crochet hair protects your natural hair, thereby allowing your natural hair to grow and also protects your edges from falling off, which is a common problem with Sew-ins.

It is easy to fix and time-saving. No more sitting for long hours to get your hair done, you can fix in crochet hair In less than an hour.
It is extremely easy to take out. The fear of chopping of your natural hair or looking for assistance when it is time to take out your braids is solved by crochet hair. You can literally take out the hair in Minutes.
We also noticed that Most crochet hairs in the market are Mass-Produced, so you get an average quality hair, same look, same style and same colors. We decided to put in the wow” factor, because we believe that a woman’s hair is her crown and people should stare at it when they see her.

That is what gave birth to Ultraphyne Crochets; Passion for the Crochet hair and a desire to be Different. We focused on going the extra mile to produce Unique styles, Colors and Lengths that will stand our customers out from the crowd.

Our Products include :

  • Crochet braids
  • Crochet Faux Locs and
  • Crochet Passion Twists

(All available in all different Colors and Lengths)

Prices range between 2,500 to 3,500, depending on style and length.

Our Services also include :

  • Taking custom Orders and
  • Providing Professional Home Services.

Our Mobile Salon service costs ₦4,000 (Four thousand Naira only) for Lagos Island Residents, this also covers cost of Delivery for the Hair bought.

We are on a mission is to make Ultraphyne Crochets a household name in the heart of every woman in Africa. We aim to cover a large part of the African continent with our products, while encouraging more women to embrace their Uniqueness.

Kindly check us out and give us a follow on our social media platforms via the links below

Instagram – @UltraphyneCrochets

Facebook _ @ultraphynecrochets

Twitter – @ultraphyne

Phone number – 08081544523
Email –

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