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“People don’t really attach much value to public speaking in Nigeria” . – READ UP MORE FROM OUR EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH ABRAHAM ABUBAKAR DANIEL.

The importance of public speaking and content creation can never be overemphasised in these times. Public speakers help shed more light on issues and topics as well as nurture the mind to explore and do greater things. In this interview we will be speaking with a young man who is building a niche for himself in the genre of Public Speaking as well as creating content to create an impact in the society.

AM- Tell us a little about yourself.

ABRAHAM– My name is Abraham ABUBAKAR DANIEL formerly Ibrahim Abubakar Daniel. From okene local government area in Kogi State, Nigeria. I am a graduate of Estate Management.

I am also a public speaker and content writer. Also soon too launch a first of its kind blogging in Nigeria.

AM- Nice, so how and when did you decide to be an entrepreneur

ABRAHAM- Well right from school days I have always known and never wanted to be confine around just been a graduate and earning just salary ,please don’t get me wrong there is absolute nothing wrong about been a 9-5 job person. In my own case I just wanted more. Started from dancing to music to comedy till I finally decided to take stop at public speaking after critically checking my strength and recommendations.

I started officially in 2019 when a friend invited me to speak at his event tagged “Self discovery” and by the grace of God I did so well, beyond my own expectations.

AM- What would you say has been your biggest challenge and how are you scaling through?

ABRAHAM- Well ,seriously I won’t say I really have a challenge. I consider what people call challenge as stepping Stone. I do not expect millions of people to start giving me attention from the first day, even God started the world with just two people. I’m still a newbie in the business. We are waiting for the Corona Virus to run down so I can start recording and reaching out to people.

AM- Great, So how would rate the response to your craft from friends, family and the society at large?

ABRAHAM- It has been awesome because few of my friends were even the ones pushing me to go forward and my family doesn’t have issue with that. Like I said I’m still a newbie and I am learning to build my brand.

AM- What factors do you think can boost a better performance of your craft if set in place?

ABRAHAM- Well social media is the key factor for this Era. It is the strongest avenue to reach people now and build brand better, like I said earlier ,once the virus dies down we are starting our recording.

Also, people don’t really attach much value to public speaking in Nigeria. You would hardly find any award for it in Nigeria and people just want you to talk for free always so you must really stand out to a fault for you to be noticed.

AM- Well said, so where do you see yourself in 10 years and what tools are you setting in place to make it work?

ABRAHAM- Well, in the next 10years I see this brand talking to Nations, Counsellors, Kings and Presidents of Nations .

AM- Great, would you like to share with us your biggest achievements, mistakes and motivation?

ABRAHAM- Biggest achievement?looking forward to more , Mistake? Not realizing what to do early enough. Motivation? God

AM- Who would you describe as your role model and why ?

ABRAHAM- I have role models in different aspects, but when it comes to public speaking then Pastor Sam Adeyemi, John C Maxwell and Brian Tracy.

AM- Nice, do you have any last words for people out there?

ABRAHAM- We will be better..we will deliver quality jobs more than ever before. There will never be a better yesterday for us. Thank you.

Be sure to get in touch with Abraham for some amazing content as well as public speaking via his contact details below

Mobile/WhatsApp +234-08159799587..

Email Address –

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