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Do age brackets matter in Relationships?

Valentine’s is almost here and people are expressing their views on certain topics that are involved in relationships.

Today we are looking at the affair between Age Brackets and Relationships. We would like to know your views on the topic as well.

Happy weekend everyone, so there have been discussions about why more men in their Thirties (30’s) are more interested in dating ladies in their Twenties (20’s) rather than go for single ladies in their Thirties (30’s) as well. As well as why more Ladies in their Twenties (20’s) also prefer to date older men as opposed to guys within their age bracket. What is your take on this?

Some Ladies argue argue that the older men are more mature and less stressful to date while some people feel the older men find the younger ladies easier to prey on and manipulate especially when it comes to emotions.
Some Men also stated that older ladies come with more drama in relationships and sometimes more baggage as compared to the younger Ladies.
However there are also speculations that a lot of these older men are more interested in using the younger ladies to pass time while building or planning to build a family.
The Guys also came out to express themselves about how a lot of them are being ignored by the ladies in their age bracket who prefer older successful men and they also plan to return the favour when they come of age and status.

We would like to hear your views on this topic as well as any experience you may like to share.

Have an amazing weekend!!!

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