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Good day Pearl I think in considering a wedding package a couple of things need to be noted.

• Projected or estimated financial cost/budget that they would love to dedicate to the wedding.
• Important key things the wedding couple would love for their wedding day, for instance some couples just want adequate food, some want great pictures and some are keen on the after party or the wedding dress and all, know what part of the wedding interests your client the most so you can give a full delivery in that area and also the colour theme.
• Also a projected number of guests should be known whatever figure you are given, plan for about 1/5 extra of that figure for instance if you are given 500 guests, have a backup plan for 100 extra guests.
• Knowing this you can also make a list of things you know more about like the event décor and catering and also have an estimated cost for them too.

About the packages you can have small, medium and large or silver, gold and platinum or whichever other hierarchy you prefer, for each they would have the basic stuffs then preferences and other things can be added if it is financially convenient. Also it is important to have a wide range of vendors so you can know who to use for specific persons and occasions.

Some couples don’t want all the fanfare, they just want to have a basic wedding and go home as soon as possible for this people the small package would be perfect, meanwhile some people want it not too basic but also not too loud and for those who love to go all out. They can have the large package also it is advisable to have a different package set up for after party if your clients want one do not try to mumble too much stuff together else it would look bulky and may be discouraging. You can also have a different package for the honeymoon too.

For instance each package would include decor, catering, drinks, makeup and hairstyling, dj, mc, wedding cake, hall, photography and video coverage, dress, honeymoon and any other basic stuff and is open to amendments to suit the preference of the couple. Nowadays most planners draft it all up like all those fancy restaurant menus. Sample below 👇

This will take a lot of coordinating though but once you are able to put this together it makes the job more organised.

Décor– for the smaller package basic décor is just fine, chairs tables, couple space aisle and high table balloons and drapes and a few other stuff while for the medium you can take it up a notch by adding some lighting and perhaps table décor and for the full package, you can add the whole dance floor décor and photo booth too.
Catering– I think the caterers usually have packages for this to suit the budget of the planners for this aspect.

The rest also follow the above suit as well, based on the couples preference and budget.

For people who want the small budget you don’t necessarily need to run the whole bride and bridesmaid coordination and all, just give them a comfortable setup and they are good to go.

I think a vendor meet and greet would be a good place to interact with a wide range of vendors and get their pricing, also it is good to have a working relationship with the vendors so they can consider giving you discounted pricings and you can keep using them that way your charge can reduce and it will be easier for your clients to patronize you.

Also you may not necessarily need to wait for a meet and greet, wherever you see vendors you know you can work with, you can approach them let them know what you do and also let them know you would like to have them on your contact for when a job comes up, some of them may even refer clients to you.

A lot of people are discouraged from the whole wedding ish because of the stress of planning as well as the financial implications, once this is made simple its more relieving. Also I think another thing that cuts cost is not using too many vendors on a project for instance. One alaga is enough, most of them will bring assistants and drummers for a reduced extra cost as compared to hiring them separately, also you could have an MC that has a preferred DJ he works with, so you can cost them together, catering and ushering can also go together as well as makeup and hairstyling etc.

For the after party and honeymoon packages as well as showers and all, you can have a working arrangement with hotel managers for rooms and club sections too for those who would like it. For instance you can have a 2 days package or one week package, covering accommodation and feeding for the newlyweds to just relax for a while. It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive it will depend on where the client can afford conveniently, it could be in their resident state or a resort around or any other nice state they would like to visit or outside the country.

Also you can check out this link I found online see if it helps too Wedding planning tips

These are my views and I hope they are helpful I’m open to any questions you have and though my reply may not be swift I’ll definitely give it a thought. Also I replied with my blog because I felt it would be more interesting to read from here and Also because this is where I draft most of my thoughts 😊.

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