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Good day Readers, I hope you had an amazing run this year. If you did not that’s absolutely normal as well, some years are better than others but to keep a great progression it is important to plan ahead. Some years are great for some and not for others due to the various events that come up during that year. Personally the years 2015 and 2017 were one of my most trying years but for some these could also have been one of their best years, so do not worry or be discouraged if this year didn’t look as great for you as it did for someone else.

However, whether the year was great for you or not, it is always important to have plans for the incoming year. Perhaps you had plans for this year and you didn’t follow them, that’s okay, perhaps you need to adjust your plans to something more achievable and suitable to your persona and Lifestyle. Perhaps also you had goals you set for the year and you haven’t met up to. That’s also fine do not beat yourself up, like I stated earlier some years are better than the others. Do not be deterred from setting goals and pushing for them next year as well.

Personal goals, Financial goals, Work goals, Emotional goals, Physical goals, Health goals, Spiritual goals, Relationship goals Fashion goals, Lifestyle goals, Skills acquisition/Developmental goals, Academic goals.

As we advance we should do so such in a way that every aspect of our lives is carried along. Although no one is perfect but a conscious effort to maintain and sustain a general life balance will not yield a void result. It is important to carry all aspects of our life along while setting goals so that the shortcomings of one aspect doesn’t affect another aspect sooner or later. Although you may not be able to balance all at the same level. Do not let the margin grow too wide. Do not excel at one aspect and completely fail at another.
Failure may not necessarily mean the absence of an aspect but rather if there is a poorly managed aspect of your life, you may want to look into it.

So while making your goals, you can identify first with aspects of yourself that needs more improvements, but do not ignore any aspect. The more you grow, the better you should become. Setbacks may occur but that shouldn’t deter or discourage you from pushing on.
So why not get a pen and a notepad today identity every area of your life and how they can be improved, write out your goals and register them in your heart and any other place where you can easily be reminded of them.

Devise ways and steps you need to go about achieving your goals and don’t waste time to start building a framework. Never underestimate the power of your mind, If you can think it, you can achieve it….

Cheers!!! And have an Amazing December….


  1. Nice one dear.

    It really helped me get started on my plans for 2020.

    See you at the top next year….

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