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In life we all have goals, ambition and dreams of what we would love our future to look like. In most cases if not all, everyone wants a bright and successful future and we keep taking steps towards achieving one. Unfortunately at times we may not always be lucky to have life play out exactly how we would have loved but it always essential not to forget to keep moving as we read in the last previous weekly write up.


Taking essential steps


Today I have heard of and seen a lot of zealous minds with brilliant ideas still living in shadows for a couple of reasons. Fear and procrastination are some of the biggest reasons a lot of brilliant ideas have not taken necessary steps asides from lack of essential resources amidst other things. It is important to note that no amount of resources is too little to begin actualising your dreams with. Also you may want to list out a few things that may be holding you back from taking certain steps and start to tackle them one after the other, for instance;

  • What are your fears?
  • Why are you scared of them?
  • What should you do to overcome these fears?
  • Why are you not doing them yet?
  • Why can’t you take an essential step now?
  • What should you do to overcome these barriers?

Having answered these questions, I would believe necessary issues as well as their possible solutions would have been identified. These are the things keeping us back and may need to be addressed for notable progress to be made.

Next you may need to talk with someone, preferable someone who may have had a similar experience as you or an expert in the field you are into or looking into, this person may serve as your mentor. Also it is important to consider having some patience while waiting to see if your plans to would work out, a good plan requires some;

  • Planning
  • Research
  • Learning
  • Consistency
  • Hard Work
  • Regular Improvement

However know how to avoid dream killers once you spot them.

A good Network will as well take you far and help you achieve a lot. Building a good relationship with  acquaintances from school, colleagues at work, Friends online, Family, and also going out and attending free events and also talking to people around you can help put your dream out there and also get you some good connections. One of those connections might be all you need to hit it big. Do not relent do not get tired and most importantly do not give up and ensure to take productive steps everyday.

taking essential steps

Why wait for tomorrow? Take a step NOW!

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