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Its midweek and I trust your week is going great. I also do hope you are aware of the influence some of your lifestyle choices can have on your overall well being and are also taking them seriously. While we are steady working and grinding, sometimes it may be easy to forget to observe a few routines that are important to our health and overall well being as we get caught up in the hussle and bussle of the week.

Here are a few tips to keep you healthier and also boost your productivity;

  • Eat fruits: This is very important, and also very easy. I would like to describe fruits as ready made foods by Nature. and they are very available too. Be sure to have at least a variety of fruits everyday and the benefits are limitless. You can read my write up about fruits and vegetables by clicking the link as well ESSENTIAL FACTS ABOUT FRUITS AND VEGETABLES – CLASSIFICATION, BENEFITS AND DEMERITS.
  • Rest: It is also important not to joke with time meant to be for resting, get as much rest as you can, it’s very good for the body, you would not like to break down at a crucial moment. So when you need some rest, suspend as much activities as you may need to and get some shut eye.
  • Do lots of walking:  I should mention that moving around for an ample amount of time helps to get rid of all the bad fats in the body, keeps you healthy, fit and glowing as well.
  • Moisturize your skin and hair: This will help keep your hair and skin glowing and also protect your hair and skin from harmful Sun Rays and possible skin and hair breakouts.
  • Wash your hand and face before going to bed if you can’t afford to take a shower: Not only will this help you get rid of unwanted oils and dirts on the skin, brut leaving the water on is a great way of hydrating the skin. A quick rinse before bed might save you a lot of skin drama.
  • Drink water often and cut back on soda: As hard as this may be for some of us, not excluding my humble self. Cutting back on sugars and soda and increasing water intake is probably one of the best lifestyle choices one can make these days. So much junk has easy access to our system and it’s only fair to regulate as much as we can to keep that great look.

As easy as it looks, it may not come easy to observe all these lifestyle activities but I can guarantee that if you set your mind to it and maybe put it in a note and stick it somewhere visible or set reminders for yourself, you would be amazed at the results and with regular practice you would be feeling much better and healthier in no time.

Have a great week and don’t forget Health is Wealth.

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