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Its Friday everyone, time to round off the hectic part of the week for most people, for some it is actually just work like every other day while for some it’s time to round off plans for the weekend Owambe parties coming up.. Whatever your plans are be sure to enjoy your weekend still, Monday is just around the corner.

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Recently we have noticed that the Pink laces are trending at almost every “Owambe” occasion we can think of, so for this week we will be showcasing some mind blowing styles crafted from Pink lace and making waves on the Pink Owambe style trend 💝. These are some of our picks of the week and we do hope you love them just as much as we do.

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The color Pink comes in lots of shades and variation Baby pink, Fuchsia, Bright Pink and Peach have been seen back to back looking radiant at almost every occasion you step into. Pink is a bright color regardless of the shade and will definitely stand out anyday. It also suits almost every skin tone so have no fears.

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Don’t be left out, rock that pink dress this weekend and be sure to tag #adebimpemagazine on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for a chance to be featured on our next style list as well as our social media pages.

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Have a great weekend and be sure to slay ✔.


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