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Nigerian stand up comedian, movie producer and business mogul Ayo Makun also known as AY is popularly known on the entertainment scene for his live shows. The Lagos edition of the AY live show usually holds at the Eko Hotel and suites during the easter holidays. This year the show was as expected a successful one with performances from top notch musical artistes and comedians.

However the show faced some backlash from fans as there were accusations of dissatisfaction especially over the sale of fake tickets. This came as a really sad news both to the show organisers and highly expectant fans as a lot of them were unaware that the tickets they had purchased were fake and were therefore not allowed in for the show. Fans expressed their dissatisfaction via social media and AY has promised to address the issue, even to the point of refunding monies to people who were defrauded. He however stated that the situation was beyond his control and pleaded for the government to provide security for content producers stating the issue of piracy on his movies.

In response to observations and accusations made by fans on his page, AY replied saying,

So it is my fault we have criminals out there? We can only do our best to sort people out as a brand. You can not put the blame on a man doing his honest business and let the thieves be. It8is a general problem. I wake up and I see all 3 movies produced by me on the street by pirates…. and you will still come and insult me when you buy them and say it’s not clear enough….People have fake dollars even in America. The Government should come to our rescue ooooo.

However some fans were displeased by this reaction saying it was a bit rude and unfair, hence the comedian had to release another statement to further clear the air on the issue. Read below,

I am so sorry about the whole fake ticket saga. We have traced it to one of our sales representatives. The company is willing to take responsibility and refund the money.

We do hope the issue is resolved and such occurrence do not repeat itself.

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