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Celebrating the birth of KopaConnect – The Online Community for Corps Members.

With an increasing amount of corpers leaving and entering the N.Y.S.C scheme, CorperConnect NG has responded with an engaging platform that exchanges their time for value.

CorperConnect NG will release the first functional interest-based platform for corps members called Kopa Connect, creating a whole new level of networking for Corps members in the N.Y.S.C scheme. This community with exciting features that will make service year for corpers (both ex and serving) more interesting.

We wanted to do something special too for corps members,” said Team Lead Kalu Kalu Kalu. “This community helps our corpers stay connected with friends and colleagues, make extra income, build new relationships, horn their skills and get career centered experiences needed for the next phase of life after service year.” This community has a marketplace attached to it, where corps members with S.A.E.D skills can advertise their product and services for free.


KopaConnect is designed to serve corps members who (have/are) (served/serving) the nation. The community provides traditional social media services such as user interaction, participation and sharing through digital media to encourage positive engagement.

Additional, what makes Kopa Connect truly unlike any other interest-based social media platform currently available in the market is the community reward system called “Alawee” a feature that encourages users’ adoption and increases their hierarchy in the community. This point is allocated for each action carried out on the platform.


About KopaConnect
KopaConnect is a social media platform aimed at connecting corps members serving in all states in Nigeria. The reason for connecting these individuals is to grow a community where their skills are converted into values that will be beneficial for them. This web-based platform is designed to increase the level of interaction and engagement of serving corps members all over Nigeria.
For more information see and register for free.

For further details and enquiries Contact:

Afe Ibukunoluwa

Kalu Kalu Kalu

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