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maternity jackets

Sometimes women tend to lose touch with their fashion side once they double-up or triple-up as the case may be…..Perhaps this happens because we don’t want to change our wardrobe to suit the current body situation or we don’t know we should. Pregnancy is the only period you have to look great in maternity outfits and make some bump fashion statements, so perhaps a little fashion upgrade won’t be a bad idea as your regular clothes may not be as comfortable and fitting for the next couple of months.

Here are a few tips to help you look great with your bump.


  • Long/Maxi Dresses – These are often guaranteed to glam you up either you are pregnant or not. During pregnancy, this is perhaps going to be your safest choice of outfit as you do not need to tighten up around or below your bump. Also they suit any occasion and you need not to worry about the wind getting under your dress. You’ll love them more as your baby grows within you also.
maxi maternity dress










  • Midi Dresses – These are also lovely for that chic, smart look. They are a slightly shorter version of the maxi dresses, they extend below the knee but may not necessarily go all the way to your legs or ankle. You might prefer the midi dresses for cooperate purposes and also to give a sneak peek into those lovely legs. They are also very comfortable and suit almost any occasion especially when matched with suitable accessory. They can be worn free or body fitted.
midi maternity dress










  • Short Dresses– Once in a while you might want to look funkier, bring sexy back, and also show more legs. The short dresses are perfect for this look. Ladies also on the shorter side would prefer the short dresses as it would make them appear taller. Not everyone would be comfortable wearing short dresses while pregnant, especially the free ones, you may want to go for a dress slightly fitting to reduce the chances of the wind getting under your dress.
short maternity dress









  • Skirts– Skirts also preferably high-waisted skirts that can be placed under your bust-line above the baby are beautiful for this period; they can be worn short, midi, long, free or fitted. Match it up with a simple top and you are comfortable and good to go. Some maternity skirts are specially made with bump bands to make it easier for your tummy. You may want to go for a skirt with stretchy fabric or a free flowing skirt for maximum comfort.
maternity skirt










  • Jeans and Leggings -I have come across pregnant ladies who often wear banded jeans and belt it up, I dont know how comfortable they are in the outfit but I would like to assume there are safer nd more comfortable hoice of outfit for both the mother and the unborn child. Leggings probably are a bit safer as the fabrics are oftn stretchy and the band isnt usually too tight. Maternity jeans with bump bands are also available at lots of clothing stores and are guaranteed to give you and your child better comfort. You can match them up with regular tops or big tees and sneakers to still look cool and in style.
maternity leggings


















  • Jackets – Last but definitely not the least jackets are also essential in your wardrobe this period as they can easily be worn over almost anything. They also have a way of making your bumps look trimmed by covering up the sides.
maternity jackets








Pregnant or not we can always look glam in any of these pieces but having them in your closet makes it easier to make choice of clothes to be worn especially when you’re pregnant. You can stay trendy even with a growing tummy, truth is sometimes you even look better when you’re expecting and stay stylish. Give your wardrobe a little upgrade today; I’m sure you are going to love it. I wish you a great pregnancy and a safe delivery….. XOXO


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