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Welcome to the month of Love. While some of us probably have our valentine gifts ready, a lot of us are still deciding on what to get for our loved ones.

It is a season for the celebration of Love and appreciation of our Loved ones, however don’t forget most importantly to share love with those who do not get it often.

Here are some gift ideas to aid your decision on choices of gifts for the Valentine season.

  • Chocolates are always a welcomed gift for valentines’ especially for the Ladies. You can add a perfume or roll-on deodorant and a bottle of wine to make this more fancy.
  • Cakes also make for cute gifts for your valentine, you can add a love card and a bottle of wine to this also. There are ready made cakes and cupcakes that can easily be picked up at supermarkets and malls, or you can check out and order these rich and yummy “Sinful Cakes” from ZeesTreats by clicking here. You can also request for it to be packaged and delivered.
Sinful cakes by ZeesTreats
  • Does your partner love Teddy Bears?, fine then perhaps you could spice up her collection with a special teddy bear that would always make her think of you. This can also go with a bottle of perfume and a love card. You can also add a little rose to this.
Teddy bears
  • Jewellery and Fashion Accessory are a great choice o gifts too, these include bracelets, lockets, anklets, keychains, earrings, broaches, rings, wristwatches, sunglasses, purses and other fancy accessories to spice up your gift bag. You should check out Emmaizzy Adornments they have a lovely collection of these at really affordable prices.
Jewellery and accessories
  • How about a Lunch or dinner date, a spa treat, movies or generally hanging out at some of the most beautiful spots around.

Now I know most of my previous ideas are best suited for the ladies. Here are some ideas for the men as well.

  • I really don’t know many men who would not love a nice pair of shoes especially when the shoe box is encrypted with love notes from a special woman. Yea, you can encrypt the shoe box with love expressions to spice it up. You can check out the new Nike Air VaporMax Plus “Regency Purple”.

Photocredit: @extremesneaklist on IG

Nike Air VapourMax Plus “Regency Purple”
  • Shirts and custom Tees also make for a beautiful gift package. Everyone loves to look good and you can seize this period to source for some nice outfits for your man.

Photocredit: @camicissima on IG

  • Wristwatches are also a Choi of gifts that will blow his mind. Especially the designer wristwatches, and whenever he checks the time, guess who he is reminded of, 😊.

You can also add some Underwear, Ties, Cufflinks, Socks, Perfumes, Fancy pens, Headphones, Sunshades, a Bottle of Wine and also some Wildcards to spice up your gift package.

On a bigger scale, you can plan a little getaway and cars also make for beautiful gifts.

I’ve just given out some of the most pocket friendly gift ideas for the valentine period, you can package your gifts as bulky as you want and can afford to. Its majorly once a year we get to exchange valentine gifts, we can as well make it a memorable gift. Oh and its okay to share your consumable gifts with your partner LOL. I wish you all the best in your relationships. Have a lovely valentines’ day

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