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“MAKE HAY” BY AKINADE TEMIDAYO JACOB – An Inspiring story about Kola

Kola grew up in the suburbs of the city, considerably lively with amenities that made living in such an area possible. He was blessed with something that not so many were fortunate enough to still have at the time, parents who still lived together!.

Father worked with the ministry of finance not too far from home,he barely earned enough to keep head above waters considering being a family man, he was diligent enough but earned so little and did a lot of paper works which most of the time, kept him at work later than usual, however, he was a good man and made sure he kept his family of three together with little support from his wife. Mother was industrious, she made whatever could be produced out of a palm tree, she worked from home and sold her wares just in front of the house, she earned just about a quarter of what dad was earning and supported the family whenever the need arose.

As the dream of many, if not all young ones, Kola wasn’t left behind in the hope that someday he would become a millionaire with so much money to give his aging parents a better life. He grew up seeing them toil to give him a good life, father came back late and tired almost all the days of the week and mothers’ palms are nothing better than a disorganised Africa map owning to the cuts she gets from her trade.

As years went by, Kola became a man, a fine young man, well educated and doing well in his career, he had had to move to another city for his job while he left his parents back home with words to always cater for them in his little way.Truly, he had them at heart but then he wanted to be a millionaire first so they could enjoy life the way he envisaged, hence he lived spending the little he earns on himself, he had plans he sure would be a millionaire someday and maami and baami would enjoy.

Few years after moving to the city ,news reached him from home that his father was terribly ill and had to quit work, the stress of the hustles and bustles finally took a toll on him, there was only little mother could do, she had to baby sit father while also ensuring the table kept hosting the cuttlerries. Father looked like he was breathing his last while Kola held his right hand, he couldn’t control his tears. He hadn’t become the millionaire he had hoped to be, but he earned enough to have taken father out of his almost miserable job, he earned enough to send money home every month regardless how little, he earned enough to replace the basic utilities at home, he earned enough to always buy fathers’ favorite cashew nuts. Father died and all that was left was memories of what a loving father he was and regrets of never giving him a good life notwithstanding how little it could have been!

We often make the mistaske Kola made, waiting to hit the millions so our parents could enjoy the fruits they sow over us, those folks are not promised tommorow , however little show love and kindness to your parents daily, avoid living with regrets when they leave us behind.. #Cheers.

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