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Nigerian artiste and entrepreneur Banky W who recently just shared news of his victory against cancer ( read details here is set to wed the beautiful Nollywood actress Adesua Etomi anytime soon. However some news recently had it out that tickets were on sale for the upcoming wedding the price of Thirty-five thousand Naira (35,000) and this has been arousing speculations as to how true it may be.

Banky W took to twitter this morning to debunk such rumours, imploring people to be on the lookout for fraudsters who cook up various schemes to extort money from people. He wrote, 

Lol so I hear there are “tickets to the wedding” on sale for 35k. Anyone who believes that, there are some people very ready to sell u other things like “your bvn is blocked”  and “I have an Uncle who will dash you $5 mill usd if u wire just 500k”. Good luck!

Obviously this is a scheme by a set of people to defraud fans who may be desperate to attend the upcoming event. Just as well as lots of other fraudulent messages disbussed regularly with the same aim of duping people. It is advisable to ignore messages and emails whose sources are not verified especially when they are demanding for money.

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