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It is a beautiful thing to see two people in love, especially when you least expect it. Here is the amazing love gist about Zainab and Adewale, a simple journey that started online in 2015 and is about to get official in 2017.

 Wale and I were introduced by our mutual friend Boluwatife in 2015. I was in a relationship then so things didn’t really fly besides he wasn’t even in Nigeria. We talked for about 6months but I guess he got tired of my shakara and backed off.

Fast forward to 2016..We got back in touch and it was like the break wasn’t even there, we just continued from where we had stopped although I was still insistent on not dating him especially coz I hadn’t seen him except for FaceTime and whatsapp video call. So Wale promised to come home in 1st week of December to see me, 1st week in December turned into January 1st. I was already mad that he kept postponing so  I didn’t even want to see him again. He sha begged me o so I met him up at the airport. He was so nice and caring wanted to overfeed me and he hasn’t stopped being like that ever since.

 We saw each other about 3 times every week, we spent so much time together that he wanted to marry me shortly after but I was scared that we were going to fast. Took him home and my mum fell immediately in love with him.

On the 5th of June during Ramadan, I was preparing to break my fast, I was famished, tired and exhausted all of a sudden I heard my brothers hailing someone next thing I knew, he was in front of me with a ring, bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates( coz he knows how much I love chocolates). I was blown away, looking like a maid I didn’t want anyone taking my pictures but they did anyways. We got introduced on the 2nd of July and we’ve been planning this beautiful journey together ever since.

Immediately I saw Zainab’s smile, I knew She was the one and I had reached my last bus-stop.

Zainab and Adewale are set to tie the knot on the 26th of November, a day after the bride-to-be’s birthday. We wish them happiness plus all the goodies that come with marriage especially really cute babies. This is another proof that long distance relationships work with patience, seriousness and dedication from both partners. Stay glued for more gist and pictures from the wedding including owambe fashion and trend statements. Cheers.


  1. Congrats darling,zaniab is a wonderful person and down to earth,little period l met her at culinary school was gr8 time.
    Wish you every blessing of marriage and the lord will perfect your day 🙏❤️

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