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Good day lovlies, Happy new month, November is a great month as it marks the beginning of the end of the year *winks*. As we prepare for the holidays, it’s is important to know that this is also the best time to start shopping, look out for end of year sales and trade fairs to get the best products at affordable rates from your favourite designers and stores.

Ladies dress size Chart
Ladies dress size Chart

Overtime I’ve come to observe with most ladies that a lot of us aren’t sure of our dress sizes most of the time. We just guess or assume based on what we think. Not to worry you’re not alone….. I stumbled on a couple of easy dress size charts and thought I should share them with you all.

It’s way easy for your designer to make a dress to suit your body without necessarily coming over to take your measurements if you know your dress size. Your bra size also stands as your bust measurement in most cases so you may not be needing a tape rule to measure yourself if you don’t have one.

Ladies dress size chart 2
Ladies dress size chart 2

However these sizes may vary based on different body shapes and these sizes may not apply to you a hundred percent. In such cases, slight alterations will be required to give your dress a neat fitting on your body. Also these sizes may not be applicable to pregnant women as the bump alters the shape of the body from the underbust down for a fitted wear.

Knowing our accurate dress size also makes it easier to know what dress, jeans and tops would fit better when out shopping. Most outfits come with a size tag for easy target marketing.

Let’s make it a point of duty to know our dress size and don’t forget looking good is essential for creating good impressions. Have a great month.

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