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Good day lovelies, once again I would like to welcome you to the final months of the year, the “ember” months. With holidays and a new year fast approaching, its that time of the year when we start analysing how the year has been, and also start ensuring that certain goals are met before the year ends. For those of us who would be observing vacations and holidays later in the year, especially the christmas holidays, it is also a good time to start working on a holiday planning/to-do list.

When to start planning your holidays.

One of the first and major steps in planning your holiday is saving up some cash. Although it is best advised to have been putting aside some cash in preparation for the holidays as early as January, some people really don’t give it much thought until later in the year. Well it’s not too late to start setting some cash aside, better late than never. You can have a small account for holiday savings to make things easier.

It is common in most parts of the world for prices of goods and services especially airline tickets to go up towards peak and holiday periods, especially in big cities. Due to this, it is usually pretty advisable to start working on your shopping list and probably start getting some of the items you may be needing for the holidays, including clothes and gift items. For those of us who love to shop fashion items for the holidays, most stores have their prices slashed at this period to help you achieve more goods for less prices at least for now.

Also if you plan on giving out gifts to family and loved ones, now is a good time to be on the lookout and spare yourself some cash by getting good items at discounted prices, the holidays will be here in no time.

Holiday tees, hoodies,jackets, socks, and shoes are part of those things that light up the mood around us. I personally know of an online store offering really huge discounts on christmas clothing items at the moment check out Belle Lily . Belle lily offers amazing female and male fashion ranging from clothes to accessories, jackets and are currently offering huge discounts on christmas pieces, check out their christmas section for huge discounts. Also their halloween section for some amazing pieces, with free shipping. Plus I am an affiliate, so purchasing an item helps me earn a little commision.

so the earlier you can start planning your holidays, the easier and more fun it should be..

How to start planning the holidays.

Most of us spend the better part of our days working and trying to balance work with family and self time. This often hinders us from hanging out on picnics, or going to the mall with friends or seeing a movie or a show. Holidays are usually the best times to enjoy all these.

I would advice to first make a list of things you would have loved to do during the year but didn’t get to do, also movies you would have loved to see but didn’t get a chance to as well as some interesting places you would love to visit. Also if there are some friends and family you would love to pay a visit to, you can make a list for them as well.

Next is to know how much time you have for the holidays. Is it a day,a week, a weekend or a long work leave.

Also how much do you have or are you willing to set aside for the holidays.

What are your must have items for the holidays, eg halloween costumes, christmas decorations, gift items and the likes.

Next is to search for stores selling the items you may be needing at affordable costs and start buying them either in bits or wholes, storing them up while you can.

Plan each day of the holiday: what you would be wearing, what you would be doing for each day and possibly how much you intend to spend. It’s good to have a budget so you don’t wake up broke after the holidays are done.

I believe this is pretty much all you need to do for a start and also to have a simple yet fufilling holiday, mean while for people who may be interested in vacationing, it is also advisable to start making your necessary vacation arrangements now as you may be needing good time to ensure that things go smoothly and you are able to make the very best and enjoy every bit of the vacation.

The holiday seasons are very much near and i do wish you all a happy holidays in advance… Cheers.



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