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10 over 10 shawarma and foods.

The decision and journey to being an entrepreneur is never an easy one. Irrespective of what lane you are in, chances are high that you may encounter challenges. In this exclusive interview with a budding entrepreneur who is also a student of the University of Lagos. We get an insight into his job and his journey in the catering field.


ADEBIMPE: Tell us about yourself and what you do?

10/10: My names are Olasupo kayode Olaposi and I am a student of the University of Lagos. I am the founder and CEO of 10/10 Shawarma and foods services, our services include shawarma, small chops, barbecue, chicken and chips, fish and chips, and Asun(peppered meat). We cater to events such as weddings, burials, birthdays, anniversaries and parties of any kind. We are very affordable and our services are provided within Lagos, Oyo, Osun and Ogun states.

ADEBIMPE: Kindly brief us on your decision to be an entrepreneur.

10/10: I decided to become an entrepreneur this year, and the reason is that I have been working for someone for a while, so I just decided it was time to be on my own.

ADEBIMPE: What were the challenges you had while starting up?

10/10: I had everything I needed, so all I needed was just motivation to start up, that’s all.

ADEBIMPE: How about in relations to clients?

10/10: My biggest challenge is getting jobs from clients, and I’m working on my publicity to make sure I’m better known.

ADEBIMPE: How would you rate the response to your business from friends, family and the society at large?

10/10: The response from family and friends has been encouraging, but due to the competition in the society, response from the society is not encouraging at all.

ADEBIMPE: What factors do you think can boost your business performance if set in place.

10/10: I think just better publicity can do that.

ADEBIMPE: What challenges do you often get with customers?

10/10: Most of them often don’t take prices given to them, they beat the price to an unfavorable amount.

ADEBIMPE: Where do you see your business in the next ten (10) years?

10/10: Wow,in the next 10 years, I see my business everywhere, I see it getting to where I want it to be, and to get that I am working on some things, I have an app I’m working on, that’s all I can disclose for now.

ADEBIMPE: What would you describe as your biggest achievement yet?

10/10: I haven’t had any big achievement yet because I haven’t achieved my goal yet,

ADEBIMPE: Who would you describe as your role model?

10/10:  Colonel Harland Sanders, he is the founder of KFC, you need to read his biography to know why.

ADEBIMPE: Any final words to your supporters and clients out there?

10/10: All I can say is they should keep supporting the brand, and they should sit tight because we have more in store for them.

Also kindly follow our instagram and facebook pages IG: @10over10foods and facebook: 10/10 shawarma and foods. You can also send us an email at or reach us on +234-9031500998 to book our services.

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