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Modelling is one of the most expressive forms of fashion. It is one of the fast growing fashion opportunities on the Nigerian fashion scene. In this interview we speak with and get to know more about one of Nigeria’s fast rising male models. His dreams and aspirations as well as challenges as a model.

Let’s meet Sam.

ADEBIMPE: Kindly tell us a little bit about yourself.

SAM: My name is Adetola Samson and I work as a fashion model.  I am 6″1 tall and I have a good weight 153.5 LBS that can enable me work as a  good Model and product ambassador. I also work as a receptionist in a hotel. I was born in Ibadan, brought up and schooled at Ojota, Maryland Lagos.

ADEBIMPE: How did you start modelling and what jobs have you worked on?

SAM: In 2014 I did some photoshoots at Trovite ambassador Nigeria. During this time, I was also schooling at Immaculate Heart Senior Comprehensive High School, and in 2015 I had another photoshoot with Berts production. 2016 I worked with Thanx modelling Africa and in 2017 I was trained by Pro model Africa, with a certificate to prove.

ADEBIMPE: What projects are you currently working on?

SAM: At the moment I am looking to build my modelling career and will be happy to start on any assignments as soon as possible. I would love to work in the following fields: High Fashion, Photography, Commercial, Acting, Promotion. I am prepared to travel worldwide for my assignments.

ADEBIMPE: What has been the reaction from family and friends to your modelling career?

SAM: At first no one supported me, but as i became more dedicated they began to believe in me, my mum won’t just stop praying for me.

ADEBIMPE: What factors do you think need to be set in place to achieve success as a male model?

SAM: Better promotions, more networking, getting into fitness modelling, working with bigger agencies, working on the range of my modelling skills, getting published in more print form of media and consistently making videos.

ADEBIMPE: What challenges do you often face with clients?

SAM:  Mood board and story. Some client won’t even create a mood board, giving me a mood board of what they want would make the job easier and very good.

ADEBIMPE: Who would you describe as your role model on the Nigerian fashion scene?

SAM: Denrele edun I love his striking pretty look , I love his personality, his hairdo alone is killing, obviously I cant be like him but he’s a fashion influence and also my role model.
ADEBIMPE: What are some of your favorite hobbies ?

SAM: My hobbies include; reading, photography, travelling and having fun with friends.

ADEBIMPE: What qualities do you think make you stand out as a model?

SAM: I have the right attitude, experience and vital statistic that can make me a successful model home and abroad, although I have only had a brief stint in modelling, I am set to work at random schedules and offbeat work hours.


You can contact me with +2348062770868 and on Instagram @: 01adesam

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