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Many at times, we want to give a special gift to someone deserving or we just want to remind someone that they still hold a place in our hearts but we run out of ideas of what to do, or we do not have enough spare time as we would love to get and present a gift.

Ever thought of a simple serenade? so simple it can be done over the phone and still leave a huge and long lasting impact?, yes it is possible and is also very convenient and still serves a good purpose. Solo Artistes as well as instrumentalists can be contacted to make this possible, all you have to do is contact the artiste and give details and specification of how you would like the service to be delivered and pay a token fee. You can relax and bother no more as the artiste will be sure to render a heart warming phone-call serenade to your loved one and you can buy yourself some time to arrange other plans you may have in mind or, that could even be your plan *winks*.

So worry not about what to give as an impressive birthday gift, anniversary gift, wedding gift to a friend, or it could even be a proposal or apology serenade to make it up to someone. Music has got you covered on demand. One of my favorite guitarist and perfect person for the job is ‘Destiny’, He is a songwriter and guitarist plus he has the voice of an angel, oh and you can pick any song you want him to render also. Feel free to connect with him here  or call +234-706-529-0989 to place your order. Surprise someone, make them happy… Cheers…

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