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Social media has gradually become the new playground for both young and old. Although it is more dominated by the youths especially age bracket (13-45), both young and old have a lot to benefit from proper usage of social media. One interesting yet important feature of social media is the use of some popular abbreviations during conversations and posts for ease of typing and probably just to look cool.

For some, these abbreviations are easy to flow with and decode in conversations while for some of us we stare at the abbreviations trying to phantom what sense could be made from it as we have no idea and this could make a message loose meaning, bore you and most probably truncate the conversation. So I did a little research, especially on Twitter and tried to get as many commonly used abbreviations and their full meanings and I believe you might find it informative as well…..

WYD – What you doing or what are you doing?
IKR – I know right?
BRB – Be right back.
OMG – Oh my God/gosh!
BTW – By the way..
TBH – To be honest..
TBVH – To be very honest..
TTYL – Talk to you later..
FYI – For your information..
MIA – Missing in action/attendance..
FOC – Free of charge(s)..
3MB – Third mainland bridge..
YKR- You know right?
LOL – Laughing out loud…
ROTFL – Rolling on the floor laughing…
LMAO – Laughing my ass out..
TBT- Throwback Thursday..
TL – Timeline..
IDC – I don’t care..
IDK – I don’t know..
MCM – Man crush Monday..
WCW – Woman crush Wednesday..
WCE – Woman crush everyday..
MCE – Man crush everyday..
OOTD – Outfit of the day..
NP – Now playing (music)..
RT – Re-tweet..
DM – Direct message..
PM – Private message..

NVM – Never mind.

RN- Right now.

These are definitely not all, but these are some of the most commonly used to start with, plus these the ones i’m really sure of, *smile*. I will be sure to keep you updated once I learn a few more. In the meantime, you can comment any other ones you know of, which are not included in the post for others to learn from….. Cheers!!!!

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