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Watch “Kevin Hart Cheating.” on YouTube

Kevin Hart is probably in a fresh marriage scandal as a video footage of him cuddling with another woman has been seen on the Internet. The woman in the video is still unknown but sources say she is a stripper kevin has been seeing for some time now. 

The paparazzi footage was released by radar online and it shows the comedian being all touchy-feely with an unknown woman in the back seat of his Lexus outside a luxury Miami beach hotel. They later step out of the car and head back into a building holding hands.

Kevins’ wife Eniko Parish is expecting a baby at the moment. Sources confirm he was also cheating on his ex-wife with Eniko before finally getting married to her so the trend has been on for some time. We do hope this trend does not continue as fans have expressed certain disapoitments in he star and hopes he is able to address the issue and set things straight soon enough.

We will bring you updates on the story as it develops.

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