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Pre-wedding and couple photo shoots are one of the exciting activities to partake in while preparing for your wedding, marking your anniversary or expecting a baby. Although it may not be not compulsory it could be fun if you found time for it.

Also couples who perhaps did not get to take pre wedding photos for one reason or another often adopt this trend to celebrate their love and also for family albums and record keeping purposes. Your grandkids could be inspired by your relationship you know?. Either way what matters the most is for the marriage to be a happy and successful one.

So I got some latest shoot ideas from the best photographers around and I believe you will love them just as much as i do ….


Although in most cases the women do take the step of organising photo sessions for the family, everyone has to be actively involved to get the best results. some couples adopt matching outfits or talking tees, especially when it done on a vacation.

Also you may want to patronise an experienced photographer for best results. While the location for your shoot can be dynamic, some photographers advise you on best choices for your location so as to maximise the creativity of your photos.

Trust me, it is a really interesting trend and it is definitely worth giving a shot. Remember memories can last for a lifetime, especially when captured in pictures.




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