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You will agree with me that nowadays men’s fashion trends evolve almost as rapidly as women’s fashion trends. Although many-a-times most men may find it a little more challenging to keep up with the latest trends due to busy schedules or lack of adequate detail. The 2017 casual fashion trends for men is a really easy and cool one and has lots of cool twists to it, but most importantly it is easy to pull off, readily available and affordable as well as guaranteed to make you look as good as you’d love to. Here are a few of my favorite and very important picks.

  • Checks– Checkered shirts and pants are big right now. Although you probably won’t be wearing a checkered shirt on a checkered pant,( No really you shouldn’t,) the checks are a really cool and easy trend to pull off more especially the bright coloured check shirts which are my personal favorites and can be paired with almost any shade of accessory and shoes or kicks.

  • Neutrals– So perhaps you are not a big fan of colors or maybe you are, the neutral wear trend is also making hits at the moment. This features matching really cool and warm as well as neutral colors of outfits. From shirts to pants, chinos sweatshirts, scarfs and shoes, the neutral trend is really classy and looks good on everyone with colors ranging from black and white to different shades of grey and also shades of brown, giving you a nude themed appearance

  • Athleisure– Coined from the words ‘athletic’ and ‘leisure’, the athleisure trend features a fusion of athletic outfits for leisure purposes. Outfits which are often referred to as gym or work-out outfits have made their debut into street fashion and this has also been a hit trend this year. It is obvious as well that this trend is one that is here to stay.

  • Printed Tees–  Printed Tee-shirts have also evolved from being just plain words written on a tee shirt to having bold images and also customised images on your tee shirts. You can even have a really cool picture of yourself custom made on your tee shirt. This is a must-do trend for everyone as it is a very social trend especially when a good fabric material is being used to make it last longer. The printed tees is an interesting trend as many also love to use it to show support for their favorite sport teams, birthdays and love-themed purposes. It has indeed become the latest form of artistry.

  • Kicks– Kicks are one piece of clothing item that never really goes out of style. Whether you love them or not, kicks are guaranteed to give your overall look a boost and also add some class to your look. Kicks often go with almost all forms of casual outfits and can suit almost any casual occasion. It will amaze you how much attention a good pair of kicks will attract to your feet.

I’m guessing you already know by now what items you will be looking out for on your next wardrobe shopping spree. Be sure to have at least on of each piece in your closet and trust me you would love being a part of the trend..



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