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Good day lovelies, I do hope you’re having a pleasant weather experience this season. You would agree with me that 2017 has been a high fashion year for most of us irrespective of your style. Lots and lots of fashion trends have been seen gracing events and runways this year a lot of which are really easy to pull off and guaranteed to make you stand out. Here are my top 5 must have dress up essentials for the ladies this year.

  • Wide-legged Pants and Jumpsuits– Fashion has evolved from having everything sewn body fitted and skinny to having some free flowing in your style. Wide legged pants are usually best worn with  camisoles or simple tops. They can also be high waisted. The jumpsuits on the other hand are real easy since it is already a full package. These give you an instant classy look and suit almost all body forms and shapes.

  • Bodysuits– These ready to wear fabrics may look like leotards but they are not. They can be made with varying fabrics including cotton, lace, nylon etc.  Bodysuits generally come with snaps at the crotch region for ease and relief purposes. Also can be in camisoles, shirt or simple blouse forms. Bodysuits are a preferred choice for those of us who love to tuck without having our tops pull out and having to re-tuck them in over and over. They also help to accentuate your shape and waistline when worn with a body shaper underneath.

  • Ripped Jeans– Ripped jeans or crazy jeans as some people call them are also a trend that has been seen a lot this year. They are often made and worn as high waisted jeans and go really well with bodysuits as well as other simple blouses. Whether you love them or not the ripped jeans trend is really strong right now and you might want to give it a shot. Trust me it’s worth it.

  • Printed or Striped Tees– Tees are making a big comeback this year. From printed tees to striped tees and also ribbed tees. The tee-shirts trend is a must have for everyone, they are easy to accessorise and gives you a simple yet sophisticated look . It is easy to wear and looks great with almost everything. They can be form fitting or loose also.

  • Mules– Made popular in the early 1950s by Marilyn Monroe, these backless shoes and sandals have found a way back into our hearts with a little spice.  They can come in form of flats, low heels and high heeled shoes and sandals and are often closed at the front.

I really do hope you enjoyed my picks and would love to get in the trend. 2017 is a really pretty year and it would be cool if no one was left out. These pieces are really easy and pretty as well as guaranteed to give you an edge in fashion. Be sure to have at least one of every item in your wardrobe. And  yes, you can thank me later.

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