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The World Health Organisation has declared that the bacteria responsible for gonorrhea ,’Neisseria gonorrhoeae’ is becoming resistant to antibiotic treatments. This implies that gonorrhea has become harder to cure and may soon become an incurable infection. Gonorrhea has always been a medical threat to scientists as the causative bacteria may sometimes be hard to get rid of. The infection is transmitted through sexual activities and both men and women are at a risk of being infected once one of the partners is a carrier of the bacteria. It can be a life threatening infection and WHO warns to be cautious and on the watch for our overall wellbeing. Preventive measures include, abstinence, correct use of condoms and limiting sexual activity to an uninfected person. The symptoms may not often be immediately pronounced in women as it is in men. Research studies also shows that there is a higher percentage of women with gonorrhea than there are men.

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