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Good day lovelies, so today I wanted to do a little facial for myself and all of a sudden I felt weak and ended up doing nothing. Many-a-times a lot of us want to do as much as we can to look good and we even have our tools ready but then we tend to find it a little stressful starting the whole process and wish there was an easier way out, just like me…. LOL.. This article focuses on how to maintain a great  skin naturally simply by eating right. That’s easier right? so even if you don’t have time to do your facial or visit the spa as often as you would love to, these foods are guaranteed to give a healthy glowing and fair skin.

  • Almonds- Due to its richness in Vitamin E, Almonds are great not only for skin but also for healthy looking hair. So next time you visit the store be sure to pick up some almonds. They can be consumed before breakfast or between meals.


  • Apples- Just as the popular saying goes an apple a day keeps the doctor away, not only does it boost your health generally, it also keeps you looking fresh and is great for improving eyesight.


  • Avocados- These are guaranteed to give you a healthy glowing skin either applied directly to the skin or consumed, they are also great for healthy hair and nails.


  • Brown rice- Due to its lipid content, the brown rice naturally re-hydrates your skin keeping it healthy.


  • Dark chocolate- The benefits of dark chocolate outweigh the risks when consumed moderately due to its cocoa content. Research suggests that it can prevent the skin from UV related issues.

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  • Vegetables- Spinach, lettuce, Swiss chard, or whatever combination of green vegetables you prefer are equally great body cleansers, and will eventually leave a refreshing look on your skin.


  • Seafood- These have great anti-aging properties due to the presence of Omega- 3 fatty acids, they are the best foods for young looking skin as they help get rid of wrinkles and eye-bags. Doctors sometimes advice people coming of age to consume more of sea-foods for their protein, its benefits are immeasurable.


  • Strawberries-  These help in eliminating dead cells and generating new ones and hence leave you glowing every-time.


  • Yogurt- Gently massaging your face with unsweetened or plain yogurt helps rejuvenate your skin leaving it healthier and clear.


  • Green tea- Taking approximately 3-5 cups of tea a day can help keep acne away amidst lots of other beauty and health benefits.


Other foods include, pineapples, pawpaw, oranges, cucumbers, ginger, tomatoes,beet, carrots, kale, pomegranate, fish, lemon tea, and also generous consumption of milk. So next time you want to stock up the fridge or pick up a fruit snack be sure to choose from one of these, and then when you can, visit the spa or do your facial. The results are sure to get you addicted and what’s more, it’s easier, satisfies your hunger and keeps you healthy altogether. Do not forget looking good boosts your overall well-being ….

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