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Over the years men’s fashion has greatly evolved almost simultaneously with women’s fashion. Gone were the days when fashion was seen as a ladies thing, nowadays it cuts across all gender, ages and personality. Corporate wear for men majorly comprises of a shirt and trouser, ties and suit when necessary and a few other essentials according to preference but in this article we take a further look into little details and touch ups to make your corporate look stand out from an ordinary look. Lets check out a few tips to get your style right.

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  • Shirts– Either formal or informal shirts are probably one of the most obvious and defining piece of your entire outfit. It is advisable when picking a shirt to consider the occasion and matching outfits especially when wearing tie. Shirts do not necessarily have to be the same color with the tie as the tie is expected to stand out a bit from the shirt. Body fitted but not necessarily body hugging shirts also gives a smart look .

Image result for officewear shirt for men     Image result for officewear shirt for men

  • Trousers– Trousers also vary and different men find different varieties of trousers to suit them, while a lot of us are into fitted trousers, some of us are also into wide legged pants and some just prefer their trousers straight looking. Irrespective of your choice, your comfort in those pants is key and also your ability to keep it looking smart especially with proper ironing. most trousers vary from shades of blue or black to silver and also chinos although in some cases men who prefer color also go for some bolder colors like magenta and maroon or checkered trousers.

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  • Suits– While suits are an occasional wear for some of us and a ceremonial wear for some it is actually an everyday wear for others. Finding a suit that fits right is key to comfort and also gives you a neat look.


  • Jackets– Jackets are also an office wear option for some men as it gives your corporate look a casual touch. They could be worn over almost anything to achieve a corporate-casual look.


  • Waistcoats– These are simpler version of suits, they can be worn over a shirt inside a suit or just alone over a shirt, they are often styled to complement the trousers or jeans. They give you a smart and young look.

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  • Ties– These are made to brighten up your formal look. Matching the right tie with a shirt is based on the color and pattern on both the tie and the shirt, the right tie gives your shirt a pop.


  • Shoes and Belts– Shoes and belts go together in a formal look, your shoe and belt asides from being neat and polished are expected to be of matching colors, a lot of us are not aware of this but Hey, now you know.


  • Socks– Thumbs up to all the socks lovers, they are a personal obsession for me also. Your socks do not compulsorily have to match something but then a for a formal look your socks should not be too off and flashy. Except you’re really nuts for flashy socks and it doesn’t affect the impression you create at the office.

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  • Accessories– These include simple tie clips, cufflinks and wristwatches in most cases, some men also love to add simple rings and necklaces for the accessory lover.

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In overview the ideal formal look is the ultimate gentleman look. Thus it has been adopted by not only the corporate environment but also entertainers, politicians, pastors and almost any profession where men are involved including fashion, the corporate/formal look is also one of the easiest looks to transit from day to night in case you love to chill out a little after work and also on dates. I really hope you found my summarised tips helpful. Always remember to look Dapper…..

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