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Skirts have never seized to be a popular piece in the closet of every female. They are one of the most feminine outfits of all time and can be designed to suits all female body-types and occasions. They can be also be used to achieve almost any look.

Skirts can be sewn with almost any fabric and come in all colors and styles. They can vary in length from short, knee-length to midi and maxi skirts and also in style from straight and pleated to pencil and free skirts. Having a diverse collection of skirts reducing the confusion of picking out what to wear as skirts go well with almost any style of top and also makes it easy to transform your overall look. There are well over 30 types of skirts, click here to discover them all, but for this article I’ll be picking a few of my favorite must have skirts for the ladies.

  • A- line skirts- these are one of my personal favorite as they instantly give you a ‘gown’ look. They are suitable for all body types and can vary in length according to preference. They are also one of the best skirts if you love to accentuate your waistline. The shorter versions are usually a preferred choice for shorter ladies.

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  • Asymmetrical and Draped skirts– This involves a high-low cut on the same skirt. It is for the fun and flirty girl and for the lady who loves to show some legs. It’s also best suited for taller ladies with well toned bodies.

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  • Denim skirts– Denim comes in all variations and can be easily combined with almost any top to achieve an easy and smart look. They might not be the best pick for very plump women but they are a fab pick for winter especially when paired with high boots and a jacket.


  • Dirndl and Flared skirts– These are similar to the bubble skirts although they are usually flared out at the bottom. They usually better worn as knee-length or maxi skirts and may sometimes come with a slit. They are best suited for very slim and hourglass shaped women.

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  • Godet and Gored skirts– A gore is a triangular piece of fabric inserted into the hem of a skirt to add some flare to the skirt at the base. Godet skirts are also a good pick for a formal look, they have gores inserted into the skirt from midway down.


  • High waisted and Pencil skirts– These are skirts tight fitted from the waist to the knee level. They also make a good choice for formal wear. However high waisted skirts can be flared or penciled also. Pencil skirts are best paired with crop tops and bra tops to achieve a casual look.

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Knowing your skirts and particularly knowing which skirt is best for your body type and occasions is very important for us ladies. I do hope this piece was helpful for more details on skirts kindly click here. Stay Beautiful…..

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