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Dressing up is a part of our everyday lifestyle irrespective of the environment we come from or work in. Although most professional working environments have restrictions on acceptable clothing preferences, you can always achieve a chic look to the office. Knowing I look great and also knowing my look can draw happy remarks boosts my overall confidence and makes me happier even while working, this in turn makes me feel more energetic and reduces stress level. So yea, looking good to and at the office can be key to effectiveness and productivity at work. Here are a few tips and style options I believe will help you achieve easy and better look at the office.

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  • Smartly tailored skirts and pants–  Either you prefer them body fitted, pleated or with little flares, keeping your skirts and pants looking smart and properly ironed instantly gives you a look of class and boosts your overall look. Colored or printed skirts and pants (if acceptable at your workplace) also gives your look an instant pop and makes it a bit more corporate-casual.
  • Jackets– Suit jackets, blazers with or without waist coats are also great for achieving a great look to the office and also transcending your ordinary or casual look to a bit more corporate look, since most jackets are often maid with plain colors, they would go well with almost any look, in case of a printed jacket though its better to go with a plain look underneath the jacket to avoid looking clumsy with a busy look. In some cases also suit jackets come with a matching skirt and this works really great for meetings and presentations as it gives you a boss look. Jackets also go well with gowns.

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  • Shirts–  While getting the right shirts for work comes naturally easy for some ladies, some find a pretty hard time getting it right, ladies shirts are normally sewn differently from men shirts. Having a variety of shirts also helps to achieve various looks and you don’t look too mono-styled. Fitted shirts, free shirts, short-sleeves, long sleeves, plain, printed, striped, checkered, monochrome having at least one from each variety can instantly pop up your office look.

Image result for varieties of office shirts for women in one picture Image result for varieties of office shirts for women in one picture

  • Gowns– Gowns are one of the easiest looks to pull off to work as you don’t have to worry much about the combination. Gowns can be straight, pleated, fitted, free, short, midi, long. They can also be plain, printed and mixed colors can be paired with a jacket.

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  • Blouses and Camisoles–  Simple blouses can be paired with a skirt or pant to the office in allowed cases. These also work great in achieving a corporate-casual look and comes easy also. Camisoles can be worn in the place of shirts and paired with jackets as well.

Image result for simple office blouse designs ladies  Image result for simple office camisole designs ladies

  • Accessories– You may not need heavy or loud accessories for work but having a few essentials work good enough, broaches, fancy hair-clips or pins, simple earrings , neck-pieces, belts and wristwatches are handy accessories that are very easy to pull off.

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  • Hair and Makeup– Keeping your hair and make up tidy is key to looking great anytime, however some of us are better at maintaining our hair. Having simple ready to wear wigs makes this a lot easier for those of us who hardly have time to visit the salon or maintain weaves. Makeup is also best kept simple as it may be time consuming and distracting and probably unhealthy for the skin if you have to wear them everyday and also if its a cheap make up or a bad product. I know people who don’t wear make up, they just maintain a good skin and still look great.

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  • Shoes– Flats and simple heels are probably the most comfortable shoes for the office, unless your work may require you to wear pointees or sneakers.

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  • Leggings and pop socks would also be great to have in your closet. They go well with short dresses an skirts if allowed.


  • Keeping the nails properly groomed and tidy is also a very important yet often ignored tip.

In general your attitude and composure adds the overall spice to your looks and are essential to creating good impressions at work. Being smart and tidy are also a good attribute. I do hope you were able to pick a thing or two from my tips. As the saying goes  LOOKING GOOD IS GOOD BUSINESS…

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