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Akinade Temidayo Jacob is a Nigerian gospel artiste based in the city of Lagos. In this exclusive interview we get to know more about him and his journey as an entertainer. Popularly known by his stage name ‘Destiny‘, he is a strong voice in the gospel ministry and is dedicated to what he loves, -‘music’. With hit singles like ‘Ise Oluwa’ and ‘Happy Married Life’. Destiny has come prepared to stay in the industry.

Now lets meet the artiste.ME: Tell us about yourself and what you do.
DESTINY: My name is Akinade Temidayo a graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye Ogun State, Nigeria with a in Geology. I am the first of three boys from the Akinade family. I am a Nigerian gospel recording artiste, a guitarist and a prolific song writer.ME: Why do you do what you do?
DESTINY:  For me its all about satisfaction and fulfillment. I love doing music because nothing else makes me feel so fulfilled.

ME: What is integral to the work of an artiste?
DESTINY: Creativity and inspiration.

ME: What role does the artiste play in the society?
DESTINY: For a gospel artiste the focus should be connecting people with God via song ministrations.

ME: Tell us about your motivation.
DESTINY: My father is my motivator and greatest fan.

ME: What has been your most embarrassing moment?
DESTINY: I was once slapped by a soldier in the presence of my woman sometime in March this year at Oyingbo rail track in Lagos. He was on casual outfit so i didn’t know he was a soldier until he showed me a gun and threatened to kill me. It was a shocking experience.

ME: Wow, so what jobs have you done other than being an artiste?
DESTINY: Lots. I once worked with Royal House Media as the HR and personal assistant to the MD. I also did a couple of contract jobs with EXP Nigeria.

ME: When and how did you go into music?
DESTINY: I honestly did not know I had the talent for singing until year 2005 when I joined the Overcomers church choir at Surulere. That was the start of it all  for me.I was in a group initially but as time went on I decided to go solo.

ME: You mentioned being in a group, tell us more about the group.
DESTINY: The group was formed in 2008 and consisted of three members. Myself with stage name “D-one jasi”, my brother Akinade Sunday with stage name “Beulah” and my cousin Thompson Oluwaseyi with stage name “Zipact”. We went for a music competition back then at Ago-Iwoye and we won. We afterwards got a management. We went for performances under them and got and some plaques, one being best performing acts at one of the events. We had a lot of recordings as well with one of our hit tracks titled “joli” being played on air. The group was dissolved in 2013 basically because I wanted strictly gospel music as against gospel/secular craved by other members of the group

ME: How has the journey been as a gospel artiste, challenges and achievements?
DESTINY: I wouldn’t say the journey has been good and I wouldn’t say it hasn’t been challenging, challenges have ranged from insufficient funds to lack of promotion and management. On achievements I have quite a few with the greatest being my album which I completed and hopefully it will be released soon.

ME: What are your professional goals?
DESTINY: First, I look forward to being one of the ministers at the Experience concert at the Tafawa Balewa Square Lagos soon and other well known gospel concerts around the world and also owning my own record label in the nearest future.

ME: Lastly, a word to your fans and a word of advice to other aspiring gospel artistes.
DESTINY: To my fans, thanks a lot, God bless you all and keep expecting greater things from me. For the aspiring artistes, keep doing what you do and keep believing in God, be creative and the sky is big enough.

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